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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions and Assumption of Risk Agreement

1.     The ice rink promoter is Christmas Ice Rinks Ltd, card payments are processed by Stripe, Gloucester Quays Ice Rink (Stratford-upon-Avon) will show on your card statement

2.     Participants & visitors understand and agree to the following terms & conditions when visiting and/or purchasing tickets or services at the ice rink.

3.     All tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions and rules and regulations of the venue.

4.     Participating in Ice skating carries an inherent risk, any participation is totally at the users own risk. Skaters are deemed to have knowledge of the risks involved and assume the risks of skating which include but are not limited to

4.1 Injuries resulting from a collision or contact with people and other skaters.

4.2 Injuries resulting from contact with objects or equipment on or around the ice rink

4.3 Injuries from slips, trips and falls.


5.     Anyone with any medical conditions, serious previous injuries, recently broken bones, knee or joint problems, head injuries, pregnancy, mobility problems, or taking prescribed drugs should carefully consider whether it is safe for them to participant without endangering themselves or other participants whilst skating.

6.     The Promoter shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage however caused.

7.     Participants & visitors also agree to the following safety rules.

7.1 To maintain reasonable control of their speed at all times whilst keeping a lookout for other participants, ice conditions and other objects at all times.

7.2 Follow any instructions given by members of staff or safety signage.

7.3 Not sit on or climb any barrier.

7.4 Accept responsibility of their abilities whilst skating, and to skate within the limits of that ability and as appropriate to the session to which they are participating.

7.5 To refrain from acting in a matter that may cause or contribute to injury of themselves or any other person.

7.6To use the skate aids in the manner they are intended.

7.7 Refrain from instigating or becoming involved in any type of altercation with any other skater, member of staff, spectator or engaging in abusive or disorderly conduct.

8.     All participants and visitors accept this is an uncovered outdoor ice rink and as such the surface of the ice rink will be affected by climatic conditions, for example the surface of the ice will become wet in warm and inclement weather. The Promoter shall not be responsible for any claim, damage, loss, refund, exchange or compensation as a result of weather conditions. In the unlikely event of the ice rink not being able to operate due to extreme weather conditions ticket holders will be offered an alternative session.

9.     The Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to the ice rink and/or the venue and shall be entitled to conduct security searches to ensure the safety of all visitors.

10. The Promoter shall be entitled to request visitors to leave the venue at any time. The Promoter shall be entitled to remove anyone from the venue who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or who in the reasonable opinion of the Promoter is conducting themselves in a manner inappropriate to their continued attendance under these circumstances no refund or alternative shall be given.

11. Please note children under the age of three are not permitted on the ice, children 3 years and over but under 7 years old must be accompanied on the ice by an adult, parent or guardian. In the interests of safety, we recommend a maximum of 4 children under 7 to one adult.  Children 7 years and over but under 10 years old may skate without a parent or guardian on the ice but must be supervised from the public viewing area.

12. All tickets are issued subject to the rules and regulations of the venue.

13. Tickets will not be refunded, however amendments can be made up to 24 hours before your session. Please email if you wish to do this. Subject to avaiablity. £1 per ticket amendment.

14. The Promoter will not be responsible for any tickets which are lost or stolen.

15. The ticket holder has a right only to a session of the value corresponding to that stated on the ticket.

16. Each session is 45 minutes long. Ticket holders will not be permitted to continue skating once their allocated session is over.

17. In the event any session is cancelled or curtailed, refunds will only be given if such cancellation or curtailment occurs after less than 30 minutes of skating time has taken place and there is no availability for any remaining valid alternative sessions.

18. The Promoter reserves the right to close the ice rink if necessary and the Promoters decision is final.

19. The Promoter accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any personal property left either inside the ice rink buildings or around the ice rink.

20. The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss, claim, theft, damage, misplacement or replacement to any items, shoes, footwear or article of clothing left in exchange for ice skates. Should you not wish to leave your shoes as a deposit for your ice skates than a refundable deposit of £35 will be required as an alternative.

21. The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss, claim, misplacement, theft, damage or replacement to any items left in the cloakroom.

22.  Smoking, the use of e-cigarettes, eating and drinking are not permitted within the ice rink or changing facilities.

23. Provision of the first aid facility at the ice rink is through a third-party contractor. The Promotor shall not be responsible for any treatment or medical advice given to participants or visitors. The Promotor shall not be liable for or any claim or complaint in respect of advice or treatment given.

24. Visitors and participants should be aware for safety & security reasons CCTV recording equipment is in use around the ice rink and skate exchange buildings. Please contact the ice rink for further details.

25. Use of the rink and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions acknowledges the right for Christmas Ice Rinks Ltd. and Gloucester Quays to use any photographs taken on or around the Ice Rink area of visitors, spectators & participants for promotional, social media & marketing purposes.

26. In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions imposed by any ticket agency, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

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